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It is with great excitement that I announce the beginning of a brand-new Antique and Artisan Market at the Stark County Fairgrounds. This is not a continuation of a decades-old antique show, this is a brand-new venture. This market will offer antiques, collectibles, artisan and re-purposed merchandise in a way that will appeal to the current buying public. Our goal is to offer a market that is exciting and vibrant, to attract collector, decorator, and consumer alike in an atmosphere filled with vendors who love what they do and take pride in what they are selling.  This will be a juried market so photos will be required of each vendor’s merchandise, to be included with their application. Items that are allowed include the following:

General antiques – at least 100 years old.

Vintage Collectibles – at least 25-100 years old

Artisan and re-purposed – Must be made with at least 50% vintage material

If you are interested in becoming a vendor, please contact:

Linda Eckstein at 330-495-3044

become a vendor

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